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Copenhagen, Hvidovre,23. august 2019
Canadian head coach to Hvidovre Ishockey Club’s women in Denmark

After many years of hard work on women’s ice hockey, the Danish Hvidovre Ice Hockey Club outside Copenhagen, has made a huge scoop by signing the former professional ice hockey player Tatiana Rafter for the upcoming season. The Canadian, out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, will join the Danish club as head coach for their women’s team.

The 27-year old Tatiana Rafter was a successful Canadian player, she played pro-hockey in Saint Petersburg last season in the Russian women’s KHL. Tatiana is a University of British Columbia graduate and have played four years of professional ice hockey, and is a 2018 NWHL-Champion, winning the Isobel Cup trophy with the Metropolitan Riveters. The new Head Coach will head practices and aims to develop Hvidovre’s women’s hockey players and she will be a part of the sport management of the women’s team.

Hvidovre Ice Hockey Club’s Chairman, Henrik Thomsen, can’t hide how immensely proud he is, that the Club has succeeded in signing with the acclaimed Canadian and bringing Tatiana to Hvidovre, a suburb in the Danish capital Copenhagen.” There is no doubt that Tatiana will be a huge role model for our young hockey players. She is a giant capacity and we are really looking forward to working with her.”, says Henrik Thomsen.

The signing of Tatiana Rafter has not passed unnoticed with the National Danish Ice Hockey Federation (DIU). Olaf Eller, sports director at DIU says, ”DIU is very impressed with Hvidovre’s accomplishment to sign such a huge coach capacity for the women’s team. It is serious work and a very strong symbol of the big progress for Danish women’s hockey through this last couple of years.”
Denmark’s women’s national team is for the first time ever ranked in top-10 and after promoting at last season’s Worlds, they will compete at highest level at Top division’s World’s at Halifax and Truro, Canada.” Congratulations to Hvidovre and Danish women’s hockey”, Olaf Eller ends.

Danish Women’s hockey is in a period of rapid development and this is not the least due to the Copenhagen-based hockey club, Hvidovre’s hard-fought commitment to develop girls- and women’s hockey through the years. To develop and progress, Hvidovre is searching for competition on higher level outside Denmark, the team will this year participate in the Danish League, the Swedish div.1 south and the international European Women’s Hockey League (EWHL) with the participation of the strongest teams in Europe outside Sweden and Russia, e.g. from Hungary, Austria and Kazakhstan.

Tatiana Rafter is very excited and looks forward to meeting the players in Hvidovre at her first practice at Allan Villadsen Ishockey Arena 3. September and she looks forward to contributing with her big international hockey experience and to make her own personal mark on the Club with her Canadian hockey culture.

About Tatiana Rafter:
– 27, born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
– Head Coach Hvidovre Ishockey Klub – women’s team
– Professional ice hockey player, St. Petersburg, Russia og New York, USA
– NWHL-Champion 2018 with the Metropolitan Riveters
– All star player in Russian Women’s KHL

About Hvidovre Ice Hockey Clubs Women’s team
• 25 players (age 15-29)
• 15 national team players on U18 og seniors

Hvidovre Ishockey Klub
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